Why Your Website May Be Letting Your Insurance Agency Down

Do you ever get lead generation envy? Wonder why other agencies seem to be winning at the online lead generation game? Well, your website may have a lot to do with it. Your website can be more than a brochure; it can be a full fledged member of your team if you build it correctly and spend a little time on it. For this blog we are going to outline some common things that can hold your website back.

Phone Number Placement

No one wants to burn too many calories to find a way to connect with you. Your website phone number should be at the top right hand corner, front and center, on every page of your website. If someone is finding your site via a mobile device, you want them to be able to click to call. Have you ever had to go back and forth between your phone and a web page? It’s frustrating, right? Make sure your phone number is easy to find and easy to call!


Many people may be shopping for insurance while at work—shocking, I know! They may need the option for chat or forms to get the quote party started. Forms allow you to capture information after hours or in a method that is convenient for them. You will need to contact them quickly, but you at least have a starting place to gather information and identify the potential. Forms should be on every page of your website, so prospects don’t have to hunt to connect with you.

Calls to Action

Websites need to draw your eye’s attention to certain areas. Most of us don’t read; we at best scan information. Calls to action are buttons or fancy text that draw your eyeballs to important information. This can be a button to learn more or important text information that you want them to know. By diversifying the content you can let the information that’s important pop out to your visitor.

Unique Content

Beware of the cheap and fast website. Similar to insurance, it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. When you can get a site up quickly and cheaply, you can guarantee the content on your insurance website has been used before. What this means is that Google is not seeing anything unique about your agency. You can’t help but not stick out in searches because Google has seen it before. An investment in unique content makes a big difference in your results.

Search Engine Optimization

Your website’s architecture has a lot to do with your results. When building a site you need to start with a foundation of SEO. This will help your content and page structure. It’s actually more expensive to go backward and add in SEO after the fact. You want to make sure your insurance agency’s website is built on a solid SEO foundation.

New Content

We know blogging can be a challenge for insurance agencies, however, Google loves fresh content. You need to be updating and adding to your site routinely after the site is live. SEO aside, you should be telling your story to the public. Remember: people don’t love insurance, but they can love you. When they don’t love your product, we must give them other information to evaluate your insurance agency on.

Building Paths to Your Website

Once you are blogging, you should be sharing that content on your social media channels. Social media is a pathway to your site. The more eyeballs on your site and the more time spent on your site, the more Google appreciates your site. Make sure you are sharing all your good work in the right fashion.

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