How to Make Blogging for Your Insurance Agency Simple

You may have heard your insurance agency should be blogging. But what the heck! You’re an insurance agent, not a writer. So at the end of a long policy binding day, maybe blogging falls on the short list of things you aren’t quite getting to. You may dread staring at a blank page, but really all blogging is, is telling your story and sharing it on social media. Since the general public doesn’t love insurance, we have to do everything in our power to get the public to like us!

Use Humor

Don’t start your insurance blog with technical product details. People like reading about what you insure, not the insurance policy. Think about the items you insure and how you can add value to people’s lives. Here are some samples of how you can convert an insurance topic into more of a pop culture relatable blog:

  • Insuring Youthful Drivers: How do you get your teen to make curfew? (When they break it, make them pay the auto insurance!)
  • EPLI: Top most expensive employee lawsuits, and what happened to the companies after. (People love to hear about drama!)
  • Workers’ Compensation: What’s a body part worth? How workers’ comp payouts are calculated.

You are here to share information that people want to digest. Make sure it’s in a package that gets attention.

Poll Your Team

If your clients are calling in with questions, they are also hitting the internet with their questions! Start by creating an FAQ list. When you answer common questions, you will start ranking on Google to help boost your search engine rankings. Don’t stress about finding topics. Let your insurance agency clients and prospects create the list for you.

Tell Your Story

Your insurance agency blog does not have to be all coverage related. What about blogging about some items about your agency and your community. Here are a few ideas:

  • Employee Spotlight
  • Town History
  • What’s Happening in Your Community
  • Community Spotlight of Non-Profit Organizations
  • Agency History
  • Team Birthdays, Anniversaries and New Hires
  • New Technologies

Every business has a story, and your blog can be the home for your story and how to share it. Many agencies do so many great things around their communities. It’s time we shared that news on our blog, so those organizations also get great PR.

If Writing Isn’t Your Thing

We get it! Not everyone is Shakespeare. But in 2019 you have options. You can shoot a video and send it to a writer, or you can use a writer who interviews you. Use your strengths, but understand the value of blogging and sharing your story. You may need to find interns or professionals who can help support your goals. In the gig economy services like Upwork or Fiverr can help pair you with people who can enhance your content.

Make Sure Your Website Has a Blog

Even in today’s world we still come across websites without blogs. Your web developer should be able to easily add a blog on your site. If you are struggling to get this done, make sure you find a website provider who can assist you! Agency Appeal always includes blogs on every website!

Check Our Other Agency Blogs

Need a little inspiration? Check out other agency blogs to see what they are blogging on. It never hurts to borrow an idea or two. Follow the top marketers in the industry for consistent idea generation.

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