Your brand isn’t just something that happens to your agency. It’s something you create and control. Your brand also gets you noticed. To do that, you’ve got to stand out and be consistent. Every detail contributes to what people say and think about your agency — or if they notice your agency at all. Ready to get the kind of attention you really want and grow your business in the process? Agency Appeal can help you find your brand’s unique message through our comprehensive Brand Guide process.



To figure out who your agency, who you want to be, and your unique message, we start with a Brand Survey to develop your Brand Guide. Before Agency Appeal can help you hone your message, it’s important to know what that message should be. How do you want your agency to be perceived? What makes your agency unique and different from every other insurance agency? These may sound like simple questions, but the answers will become the heart and soul of your brand.


Your website, social media accounts, and printed materials must all tell the same story. Once you know your brand’s message, it’s time to make sure every part of your company embodies that message. Every interaction is important, because everything you do must speak with a single voice. Most important, that voice must be unique and help new clients understand who you are and how you can help them.


Successful branding can be immediately felt by the colors, sights, and sounds all around you. Every detail matters. It’s how you shape a clear picture of your insurance agency and help it stand out from the competition down the street. Once you’ve fully embraced your brand, it can be felt and measured in every interaction. Your agency is your brand.

An amazing agency needs an amazing brand.
Reclaim control of your marketing with a Brand Guide, today.