2019 insurance agency marketing trends

Top 5 Marketing Trends Insurance Agents Need to Tackle in 2019

It’s a new year and it’s time to revise your insurance insurance agency’s marketing strategy. This blog post will help everyone, from the insurance agency owner who manages insurance agency marketing to the marketing specialist in charge of driving the brand and opportunities for the insurance agency. There are five trends that every insurance agency, large or small, needs to understand and adopt this year.

Top 5 Trends to Focus On in 2019

  • Making the phone ring through inbound marketing
  • Integrating video into your strategy
  • Database Marketing
  • Chatbots
  • Events & Networking

Making the Phone Ring Through Inbound Marketing

Time is always a challenge in every insurance agency; while getting out and hunting for new opportunities seems to be the first thing that is cut when time is tight, we know that generally every phone call in agencies is picked up. If you can generate more call-in business in your desired markets, you decrease your dependency on producers and can have greater control of your new business.

Call-in business can have varying degrees of quality, which is why identifying your personas is a critical step. Your marketing should stop being generic, and instead, speak specifically to the types of opportunities you want to work with. In addition, agencies need to transfer what they would pay producers into a marketing budget to attract new opportunities.

A solid inbound marketing strategy includes attracting online reviews, generating content such as blogs and videos, and building a database for you to nurture.

Integrating Video into Your Strategy

While we may not all feel camera ready, the internet is all about video these days. Our hardest video critic will always be us: the movie superstar. In many ways, video is easier, yet also harder than ever. Our cell phones make great video cameras, but understanding what to say and how to edit it can be paralyzing.

Shooting videos gets better with time. Even the most camera shy can become pros at it when they get a little practice under their belts. If you go into recording understanding that your first video will be your worst, and it can only get better from there, you quickly realize that today is the best day to start doing videos. By shooting a few videos, you will learn if you prefer a teleprompter or off the cuff, sitting or standing. Get started to start improving.

For video editing there tend to be two challenges: education and time. We all weren’t born video editors, but you can find interns, gig services and more to help you edit the videos. Alternatively, you can take online classes and learn how to edit them yourself. In insurance time is money, so if you don’t have the time or desire to edit videos, let’s face it—they just won’t get done! Consider your options, but video that is recorded but never produced is useless.

Database Marketing

insurance agency Management Systems have now been collecting important data for decades. While the process of using the data still has a ways to go, we can still make big strides in starting to utilize our databases. When time is the biggest challenge in insurance, we need to determine how much we can automate. Our recommendation is to get started on the top 3 campaigns that you can automate:

  • Nurturing lost customers via email
  • Nurturing unsold desired accounts via email
  • Educating monoline clients on account rounding opportunities

There is no doubt that you can automate a variety of different campaigns, but getting started on these top 3 will help you generate additional revenue so you can eventually either hire or outsource building the other campaigns.


Chatbots may still seem futuristic, but they are a huge opportunity to build a customer experience that assists your leads and customers. Many agencies are only open when most of their current or potential customers are at work. This means obtaining service can be overly challenging. Chatbots allow new opportunities to give you the information you need for quoting and also provide service to your clients who may not find it easy to be on the phone during the normal work days.

Agencies need to develop a strategy for hopping on chats. Like a ringing telephone, chats can’t sit and wait. When investing in chats, also invest in a process for handling them!

Events & Networking

While we can automate so much today, you still need to get out and build relationships. Technology helps assist sales, but it won’t create the relationship for you. As you build your automation, you need to reinvest your time into building more relationships. You can now meet more people and allow the automation to nurture those relationships.

By also connecting with contacts that you meet on social media, you can become more authentic and real to your opportunities. Contacts seeing your family, hobbies and expressions helps you further your reach and opportunities.


Are you overwhelmed by the new trends in marketing this year? Your first place to start is by building and solidifying your insurance agency’s brand. A brand allows you to be consistent and appealing to your target markets. Agency Appeal has been creating insurance agency brands for the top agents in America.

Kelly Donahue-Piro is the Co-Founder of Agency Appeal and President of Agency Performance Partners.

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